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The Importance of Self-Care as a Pastor

Types of Balance


External Balance: "What our life looks like from the outside


  • How we spend our time, energy and resources

  • How we utilize and optimize our skills, talents and passions

  • How we prioritize and our roles and responsibilities


Internal Balance: “What our life feels like from the inside”


  • Our inner thoughts, feelings, and attitudes

  • Our underlying needs and levels of attachment

  • The impact of our life experiences

  • Our quality of spiritual relationship and sense of identity through God

 Key Areas Related to Balance in Our Life:


  • Balance in our Personal Roles of Life: (Spouse, Parent, Adult Child, Sibling, etc)

  • Balance in our Professional Roles in Life: (Colleague, Supervisor/Supervisee, Spokesperson, etc)

  • Balance in Our Relationships

  • Balance in the Way We Cope and De-stressBalance in Our Spiritual Development


Key Ways We Can Fall out of Balance


  • Having too much of something in our lives

  • Having too little of something in our lives

  • Having inconsistency in our lives

  • Having unhealthy or unfruitful sources in our lives


Key Ways to Maintain Balance (Being a Steward of Self)


  • Purposefully create margin in our lives (time, energy, relationship availability, etc)

  • Protect our time allocated to relaxation and rejuvenation

  • Reserve “quality time and quality energy” for our marriage and family

  • Be aware of balancing tasks that our “energy draining” vs. “energizing” in our personal and professional lives

  • Prioritize and budget our external and internal resources

  • Set reasonable goals and find ways to acknowledge “small victories”

  • Find daily ways to appreciate and feel appreciated

  • Keep focus on the larger vision and sense of purpose we have in our life and the roles we play

  • Stay active in our relationship with God and our spiritual development

Contact me if…

  • You would like to learn more about how issues of balance in your life can impact your ability to serve in your ministry


  • You would like for me to conduct a training in-service to your church leadership about the importance of balance in our personal and professional lives


  • You would ike for me to conduct a church community presentation to your church members about the importance of balance as individuals, families and a larger church community


  • You would like to know about more resources available in regards to establishing a healthy balance in life


  • You have any questions or suggestions that are not covered in this section or the featured articles offered


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