God calls us to relationships, and there is no deeper intended unity than that of a husband and wife. In fact, the Bible begins with a marriage and ends with a marriage, and although God is the author of marriage. Although he is the perfector of marriage. 
This section is dedicated to providing information and resources that will help those seeking to prepare for, enhance or even save their marriage as God intended it to be.
Common Things I Help With in My Office...



  • “My spouse and I feel more like roommates than a couple.”

  • “Every time we bring up the same issue it just gets worse. It’s predicatively negative.”

  • “Whenever I try to talk to them, they just shut down, sometimes explode. Things never get resolved.”

  • “We are both committed to this marriage and to God, but we don’t feel as close as we used to.”

  • “We don’t want to repeat the issues our families had.”

  • “My spouse won’t let go of an old issue and brings it up every chance they get.”



Featured Readings

Saving Your Marriage Before it Starts,

by Les & Leslie Parrot


I highly recommend this book and workbook

combination to be used by all pre-marital

couples I work with. This book is a great dialogue starter on the key issues in marriage, yet offers practical self-assessments and exercises to practice with your mate.



Boundaries in Marriage, by Cloud & Townsend


It is essential to establish a healthy distinction

of “me” versus “you” versus “us” in a spiritual

marriage, and Cloud & Townsend do just that in this book. Scriptural based truths presented in direct and practical ways that encourage you to develop a healthy “relationship posture” for marriage.


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