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Support for the Spouse and Family of a Pastor

A pastor is called to be the shepherd and spiritual life source of an entire church community. That in itself is a tall order for any man or woman to accomplish. But what happens when the pastor heads home to their own family, whom they are also called to lead and minister too. And what about the unique journey it is to be the spouse or children of a pastor?


This section is designed to offer resources that will give voice to the oftentimes “unknown and unspoken” journey of being a spouse or child of a pastor. I hope you will find these resources as a way to rejoice and celebrate the many blessings, but also give notice to the real trials and struggles that you, your family may be facing in the midst of ministry.

The featured articles will highlight several important topics, including:


  • The Benefits and Drawbacks of Being Married to a Pastor


  • Specific Needs and Unique Concerns for a Pastor's Spouse


  • The Benefits and Drawbacks of Being a Pastor's Child


  • Specific Needs for a Pastor's Child


  • Ways to Promote Healthy Boundaries and Invite Healthy Support in Your Life

Contact me if…


  • You would like to learn more about how issues of balance in your life can impact your ability to serve in your ministry


  • You would like for me to conduct a training in-service to your church leadership about the importance of balance in our personal and professional lives


  • You would ike for me to conduct a church community presentation to your church members about the importance of balance as individuals, families and a larger church community


  • You would like to know about more resources available in regards to establishing a healthy balance in life


  • You have any questions or suggestions that are not covered in this section or the featured articles offered


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