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As Christians living in modern society, it is not always easy to find reliable, Christ-honoring resources to help guide us through life. The goal of this section is to keep you informed of upcoming events from the local Christian community, offer you a pre-screened list of valuable local and national ministries, as well as an awareness of the professional, Christian therapy services that I am prepared to offer you if needed.
My Professional Areas of Focus​

  • Marriage & Family Therapy

    • Premarital and Preventative

    • Marriage and Family Enrichment

    • Marriage and Family Crisis

    • Spiritual Maturity in Marriage






  • Spiritual Based Anxiety, Depression and Stress Therapy


  • Anger, Grief, Forgiveness and Acceptance


  • Spiritual and Relationship Attachment





Christian Therapy Services I Offer


  • Individual therapy


  • Couples therapy


  • Family therapy





  • Pastor Consultations, Trainings and Outreach Services




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